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I'm a stupid bitch...or so I was told

I'm going to rant like no other rant I've done for awhile-

We were busy....and then people with food stamps who think that they don't have to pay the rest of their bill-

I think the woman was upset because another member came up to me on the register and started talking to me about how I was doing (I asked the woman how she was and told her the amount, but she didn't even care to give me the time of day) the member who was talking to me left and then hell broke loose.

EBT-aka Food stamps is what happened.
I did everything like normal because she was already rung up (linerushed) and then she put her ebt card through, it took the food items off and then I told her it was 121.08-she said I didn't know what I was doing. I told her I have been there for three years and I believe that I know what I'm doing since I do this all day. For her benefit I told her to do her ebt card again and it kept saying the samething- she was telling me to shut up and that she had over seven hundred dollars in food stamps(we are paying for her to buy her food by the way) and then she kept saying I was stupid. I had enough and was getting mad. I told her that I can't do anything with her ebt card and she pulls out a Sam's receipt from the 30th of last month to show her balance from her card. I didn't even have her cart since her family took the cart from the register so I couldn't really see what all she had in there. I should've done an L-slip to check and see, but the woman was on my nerves and I wanted her out of my line as soon as possible. I call a training COS over...she wasn't any help at all, but she did get to witness the woman telling me to shut up and keep calling me stupid. I yell for Karen to come over when the woman was wanting a Supervisor. Karen did an L-slip and voided the transaction. Told the woman that she needed her new Sam's card b/c the one she gave me was old and really out of date. She redid the transaction and told the woman to do her ebt card....the samething happened. The woman was seriously upset that I was the cause of all her troubles. She kept repeating the same crap over and over about she has so much money on her ebt card left and that I was stupid. Karen told the woman that was enough and not to say that about her cashiers and she even told me to shut up when I was about to tell her about why the ebt might not take. We looked at her L-slip and she only had a few food items on it so ebt doesn't pay for dog food and whatever else she got. She was so upset that when I asked to see her debit card to compare the name on it she was like I don't want you to see it. Karen takes it and gives it to me to compare and that made the crazy member even worst. This woman kept my line backed up for at least five or more minutes. After, I got done with her transaction I even thanked her for shopping and told her to have a good day...."You are a stupid bitch"- Then she went to complain to the manager about me.   Karen went over there to defend me and told Daren what happened. Daren listened to her and came up to me and was like what did you do to the woman. He wasn't mad or anything-I luv Daren since he is so down to earth and understands that it isn't always the cashiers fault. When I went to break everyone knew what happened to me and Daren was kidding about giving me my green papers; he even said that I should leave since I'm having the worst luck with people today. 

The woman did upset me enough to give me a migrane all day, but the member behind them had two children and I told her I was sorry she had to hear what the crazy woman before her said. The woman said that her children wasn't even paying attention and she knew it wasn't my fault. That made me feel a little better, but it still hurt that I couldn't really defend myself because if I said something really mean I would've lost my job. There was a few others that were mean and my second to last member for the night was a total bitch too! The older man behind her said after she left that she should've been prepared and that I was doing my job. The closing COS told me when I left that tomorrow will be better....I just hope so.

-Forgive the run ons and whatever else is in the rant since I'm getting upset thinking about it again.


Jul. 7th, 2009 03:20 pm (UTC)
LOL! Yeah that would be delightful- half of the members could disappear with just a push of a button.