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Road trips, Voice Actors, and Wake ups

I'm waiting for my clothes to finish drying. The only thing I hate about coming back from a con-having to go back to work the next day. We left out on Wednesday night around 11 and after some interesting stops made it to Sandusky Ohio around 10 a.m.  We called at 2 a.m. to see when we could check into the room (the person said around 4 p.m.) I didn't reserve the room, but I did do the talking when we got there. We got our room, and we got a huge discount! Saved myself a hundred dollars to ask about con discount with our room. Ashley ordered online our rooms and the web page was messed up to see the whole page so I just told them we didn't know if there was one or not. Ashley, Carol, (ash's mom) and myself were thinking about taking a nap-didn't happen at all until 2 something. We went exploring! That hotel ~waterpark resort is huge! The game room was awesome; played ddr, guitar hero and lots more. Passed out for two hours and got ready to go down to get our badges at 6 p.m. Talked to Wendy, Leah, Chris, and Michael when we got to meet them in the panel Thursday night. Everyone loved our accents-LOL! Chris said he enjoyed the south and missed hearing the accent. Wendy introduced Leah to me (her roomie and fellow va) Michael said he loved Samurai 7 as much as I do! He brings it out every year to rewatch. After we got done with dinner I passed out until it was time for con on Friday!

Friday was when we went to a wonderful place to eat breakfast-Perkins...alot better than IHOP! (I luv some cheesecake pancakes and instead I got crepes-huge crepes that still had to stay on the plate because it was too much.) Went back to the convention/hotel and went to panels and then the waterpark. Did the waterpark until it was time for dinner and then that is when Todd, Michael, Aaron, and Vic had the Ouran Host Club Panel. Todd and Vic arrived to the hotel just around 9p.m. Michele was there too! Vic and her are so adorable together!  They had time to throw their bags in their room and come down to their panel. Todd and Vic had to work on the Star Trek shoot that they are doing. That panel was awesome! At the end of it I took a picture with Tantum and Ashley. Talked to Todd, and found out a name of a song I wanted to know. Was going to get Vic's autograph that night, but the line was crazy and it was cut off! Wondered around and went to a Soul Eater panel.. NC was dissed. Ashley and me headed to the bar and got some drinks. We take our drinks back to the room and on our hallway Aaron walks past us. LOL! He gets stopped by his fangirls and goes into a room to make his appearance. That boy missed his own autograph signing. He was the only one I couldn't get. I wasn't waiting with those crazy girls! Friday went by too fast! They had a lot of stuff in the dealers room. I got some things this go round. I didn't dare go back on Saturday or Sunday.

Saturday we ate in the hotel...Ashley had some monthly problems and had to go to one of the stores in the hotel to find the right stuff for her. I got back and sitting in front of me is J. Micheal Tantum! LOL. I called my mom while I was waiting on Ashley to get back from the room and Caroll to grab more food from the breakfast bar. I told Ashley when she got back that he is in front of us-(he went to grab more too.) She didn't believe me until she saw him sit back down. XD. When Ashley went to get her food-Todd arrives. (Vic was in a panel at the time. I skipped it to eat.) Todd is behind Ashley when she gets her food...I thought it was funny that they both just missed each other to eat breakfast (Todd and Tantum). When we got done so did Korn. I went to the end of Vic's panel Michele was there talking to a cute kid. It was their time to get something to eat. Todd, Tantum, Aaron, and Chris had a BW panel. I luved the anime and wanted to hear what the English sounded like. Todd nickname the main character the Fish lip kid. Stood in line for autographs most of the day until 4 and got some lunch. Got back in line around not long after for the FMA/FMA Brotherhood pannel. Everyone was there..except Leah. Vee couldn't attend the con due to schedules with recording and booking another flight. That panel was awesome! Did some other con panels and lines then got dinner. Went back to the room-went to work out in the Fitness Room. Got back after 10 and got a shower and watched the end of Juno. Then this is when the night turned crazy. Started watching Punk'd and a Tornado Warning pops up. I have no idea what county we are really in at the moment or what is close by us. I txt jessie and tell her about it. I turn it to FMA Brotherhood at midnight (everyone falls asleep.) I wake up around 1 and turn the tv off.

Sunday morning...pounding and yelling at our door wakes me up. Tornado is being screamed and more pounding follows. I open the door and see everyone trying to get people out of their rooms. I finally get Ashley and her mom out. I grab my glasses and my phone. I txt mom while I'm in the hallway. I'm separated from Ashley and Caroll. The guy I'm beside is on his laptop following where the tornado is. It's near Toledo.  I finally find Ashley and her mom when we are going down steps to the basement. They told us we were going to the arcade...didn't even see it. Everyone is crammed. It's hot and humid. No water or bathrooms near us and people are packed ontop one another. This all happened at 3:30 in the morning. All I know is that a Tornado is coming and I don't like this basement. There is the big cheer and they said that it just died out before it got closer.  It is now almost 5 a.m. I don't get sleep until I get home from Ohio on Monday morning.  Thank God that we survived! My heart goes out to those who lost their homes and their lives. 

It took about two hours to get finished packing and loading the car. I spend a little time in the Otaku flee market and head over to Vic's Trek panel. This guy stayed in his room to watch for the Tornado. I guess living in Texas you get used to Tornados. The last panel is right after his-Tantum and Haberkorn has Guest on Guest...it was date questions and answers. It was very entertaining. I found out Micheal, Wendy, Leah, Aaron, and his mom were the only ones that made it down to the basement. Wendy blew up Todd's phone about not being in the basement. Todd slept through it. LOL> I sure did when I was a baby, but when you have screaming and pounding on your door at 3:30 in the morning...I'm going to be awake and alert.

Had a nice long road trip back to NC! Luved the view and had a wonderful time at Colossalcon!

Till the next convention...

mini update on what is going to be

Did my first March for Dimes walk today! It was awesome to get out and be part of such a great event! Tina and me were the only ones that had to close tonight after the walk...lucky for us.

Have to go find a house warming gift for Nicole and her beau for tmrw. Vicki is throwing a party at Texas Roadhouse tmrw night-I think everyone is giving her gift cards, but I think she would like to open something.

There isn't that much time left before the Relay for Life walk on the 14 and 15. I have so much to do and plan. Got to get together with everyone before the week of the walk to see who is camping and who is just walking to help with our shifts.

I'm so excited for AZ and Colossalcon! But on the cosplay front I haven't had time to even look around for Neliel's utimate release form. There isn't any time left really for me to comission someone so it will be on a future convention. If I order one this week it might be Shuga Chara -Amu-chan. I've really enjoyed what I watched of it and the cosplay would be a little fresh compared to what is going to be there; Soul Eater, Naruto, Bleach, Vampire Knight, etc. I was just thinking of something simple like Kyoko-chan from Skip Beat. I had my hair styled before and I could get it done again, but I don't know if I want to go short again this early. 
This isn't even going to be an update...

Just letting everyone who is in the Hickory area on Friday April 23rd know about the bake sale that my team and I will be having for the Relay for Life. It will start at 10am and last until 3pm (or until food runs out). Karaoke will be $1.00 donation to sing. No foul lang. or anything that will get our team kicked off the premises is allowed.
Location: Sam's Club on Hwy 70

All donations will go to the American Cancer Society.

If you wish to help out that day please be at Sam's Club at 9am on Friday to help set up. The Relay for Life walk will be on May 14-15 at Alexander Central High School starting at 6pm on the 14th.

Only thing I really have to say is....

Kazuhiko Inoue at Animazement 2010! I can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Got stuck up a hill and went in a ditch...

I love the snow and hate the conditions that are dealing with it. Took over two hours to get home, but I had to abandon my car and walk from the hill after the light after you cross the bridge for Alexander Co. and walk to Freds to meet my mom and brother. I only got two and something hrs. of work yesterday and put the rest under personal time. It was sliding all the way and watching out for everyone else too. So, when I was trying to get up the steep hill in Bethlehem...the little kia that could just couldn't. It was crazy since all the idiots were trying to pass all the people who were sliding. So, this morning around seven we triedto go after my car....no luck getting up the hill out of our development. My brother and I walked all the way from my house-all the way to try to get my car out.

It took almost two hours, but it was worth it! This very nice guy who saw me last night helped pull me out today. Alexander county needs to plow the back roads...that is where alot of trouble is right now.  In the morning I have to go to work-I'm hoping that I can get up that hill when it starts to refreeze tonight.

It was very beautiful and I'm glad we got some snow this year.

Who has seen Soul Eater??

Thanks to Linds, Ramia, Vic, and Troy I have become obsessed with Soul Eater and a new fandom. The series is 51 episodes and funimation has it to be released early next year.  I know I will be cosplaying from this series. If you haven't watched it-get off here and start watching the crackness that is Soul Eater.


Okay this might be my last post....

Hope the subject doesn't throw anyone off-no I'm not giving up LJ, but I am drving to Atlanta so who knows what will happen.

Work has been a pain these last few weeks. The warden and her rules keep digging my grave. I'm thrilled that I'm going to third on Sunday~ I can't wait because I don't have to associate with her for a month.
Yesterday, she was trying to force me to tell her who was using their personal time attacthed to their regural earnings. She said she was going to make me tell who was doing it. I just told her I know I can't do it, but if you really want those who did it to get into trouble and fired go and reserach it yourself.  We could do it last year, but this year we can't? It's our personal hours/vacation hours-we want to use them we can. But the company thinks that as stealing. You are adding more time to your week then you are allowed. Okay, I understand this, but then why want she give me the two days I asked for and tells me I can't use them. I put it in the system far in advance-it's not my fault she can't scedule people for that shift. I worked my six days straight, I'm leaving for Atanta in the morning I needed time to wash clothes and pack. (Which I should be doing now!)  I think she does it because she can, then she told me that I had the best attitude about it even though I complained. When Dee got to work and after I had lunch I worked for about thirty minutes and she let me go home since she knew that Pam took my hours from me. We were not that busy and Pam had the nerve to say that she needed me. (Yeah she needed me...needed me to sell those stupid memberships for her). 

AWA-It has been a long time since I've been to that convention, but Vic-sama will be there and that is all the reason for me to go.  We are comimg back on Sunday evening ( I have to be at work at 9 pm. I did tell them I might be late) .

Hope to see everyone when we get back! Pray that my driving skills get better!

I'm a stupid bitch...or so I was told

I'm going to rant like no other rant I've done for awhile-

We were busy....and then people with food stamps who think that they don't have to pay the rest of their bill-

I think the woman was upset because another member came up to me on the register and started talking to me about how I was doing (I asked the woman how she was and told her the amount, but she didn't even care to give me the time of day) the member who was talking to me left and then hell broke loose.

EBT-aka Food stamps is what happened.
I did everything like normal because she was already rung up (linerushed) and then she put her ebt card through, it took the food items off and then I told her it was 121.08-she said I didn't know what I was doing. I told her I have been there for three years and I believe that I know what I'm doing since I do this all day. For her benefit I told her to do her ebt card again and it kept saying the samething- she was telling me to shut up and that she had over seven hundred dollars in food stamps(we are paying for her to buy her food by the way) and then she kept saying I was stupid. I had enough and was getting mad. I told her that I can't do anything with her ebt card and she pulls out a Sam's receipt from the 30th of last month to show her balance from her card. I didn't even have her cart since her family took the cart from the register so I couldn't really see what all she had in there. I should've done an L-slip to check and see, but the woman was on my nerves and I wanted her out of my line as soon as possible. I call a training COS over...she wasn't any help at all, but she did get to witness the woman telling me to shut up and keep calling me stupid. I yell for Karen to come over when the woman was wanting a Supervisor. Karen did an L-slip and voided the transaction. Told the woman that she needed her new Sam's card b/c the one she gave me was old and really out of date. She redid the transaction and told the woman to do her ebt card....the samething happened. The woman was seriously upset that I was the cause of all her troubles. She kept repeating the same crap over and over about she has so much money on her ebt card left and that I was stupid. Karen told the woman that was enough and not to say that about her cashiers and she even told me to shut up when I was about to tell her about why the ebt might not take. We looked at her L-slip and she only had a few food items on it so ebt doesn't pay for dog food and whatever else she got. She was so upset that when I asked to see her debit card to compare the name on it she was like I don't want you to see it. Karen takes it and gives it to me to compare and that made the crazy member even worst. This woman kept my line backed up for at least five or more minutes. After, I got done with her transaction I even thanked her for shopping and told her to have a good day...."You are a stupid bitch"- Then she went to complain to the manager about me.   Karen went over there to defend me and told Daren what happened. Daren listened to her and came up to me and was like what did you do to the woman. He wasn't mad or anything-I luv Daren since he is so down to earth and understands that it isn't always the cashiers fault. When I went to break everyone knew what happened to me and Daren was kidding about giving me my green papers; he even said that I should leave since I'm having the worst luck with people today. 

The woman did upset me enough to give me a migrane all day, but the member behind them had two children and I told her I was sorry she had to hear what the crazy woman before her said. The woman said that her children wasn't even paying attention and she knew it wasn't my fault. That made me feel a little better, but it still hurt that I couldn't really defend myself because if I said something really mean I would've lost my job. There was a few others that were mean and my second to last member for the night was a total bitch too! The older man behind her said after she left that she should've been prepared and that I was doing my job. The closing COS told me when I left that tomorrow will be better....I just hope so.

-Forgive the run ons and whatever else is in the rant since I'm getting upset thinking about it again.

Having 4th of July on the 3rd....

This week I have been extremely lazy as in not going to the Y... I've been sun burnt since Sunday and it still is bad. Either I don't put enough sunscreen on or not enough. At least I wasn't the only one.

I can't believe I got the 4th off!!! That is a major win, but since my brother is working all day on Sat. we are having the 4th tonight at my house. Tomorrow I will be going over to Jessie's grandmother's house and swimming (I will be putting more sunscreen on) and being with her family for their cookout.

Work has been drama filled more than recently-been called to the office (I wasn't in trouble, but some of my friends were). I think I mentioned it in a previous post-scheduling and school related.  

So after tomorrow I still have two days off this week and will hopefully get things done like watch more anime and study for the Japanese exam. 

Everyone have a wonderful 4th of July!!!


After work tonight, I found myself and others searching for a cat that some stupid retard threw out of their car in our parking lot. Whoever it was had the cops called on them (carts wrote down their tag #). Susan in center section was searching for the sick cat after we closed and we heard it meow, but couldn't find it. I don't know if the neko-chan will last in another day like today without food and water. Susan hopes that the cat will try to come out tonight to drink some water she left under the table.

Pam closed..I thought it would be after ten when we got out. Not at all since Greg was closing manager and he was like make the closing annoucement fifteen mintues before we close because I have places to be. I had to ask Pam if she was sick...she never does that! Last night I was told she didn't make the closing call until it was almost nine-and we closed at  8:30. We haven't been busy much this week-tomorrow might be different with it being Father's Day though.

~ Going back to school is going to be put on hold. Work has declared that if you are full-time wishing to go back to school or wanting a certain day off during the week/weekend you will be dropped to part-time status.  Can't live off of that when I'm the one making the money in the family.  There are a lot of angry employees right now trying to petition the decision. I'm going to wait until Jan. anyways to figure out if I want to continue to stay working there or try H&R Block at that time to do taxes.  I hope that they find a way to work around this since they do love to play favorites with those who are kissing ass each and every minute they are in the club.