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Who else saw that coming???  I love seeing Naruto acting so mature...it's kind of scary, but in a good way. (Miss the old Naruto though at times). 

Wah!!! I want more Skip Beat anime! Wish I knew when the the second season would start. On my last break today there was a question at my table why men are not that pretty like Ren and Sho_ the number one answer everyone was giving me...they're gay or the mangaka are. LOL was all that I managed to do before we moved on to something else.

Work has been really crazy with the rain and since it's the first of the month. KP on Monday called out so they called me in three hours early to do her job all day. Fax and Pull is alot harder than people think. Orders that kept me busy until five and they still kept coming in. (I had to get my friend to help me since I was approaching lock out and I had another order due that time). I believe I did a mini marathon, I was sore until Thursday. Now, they are having me do the Savings Challenge (estimated savings in 12 mos.) I get paid to sit for eight hours to sell credit, memberships or whatever the hell else they can think of to make my job more boring.  Our new COS last night closed by herself...not a very good night-7 to almost 9 we were at level calls. PA (that's what I call her since I can't remember her name) had to come and get me to do price overrides, even the manager didn't know how to do them. I used to be able to do them, but the warden said no to the cashiers doing them. Work is work, but today I found out that I get money added to my check because of safety.

Loved NOIZ at AZ! Who wouldn't with the way Angel-Taka spoke on Friday night. I didn't buy a whole lot like normal, but I did get more posters. D.Gray-man and Naruto Shippuuden was my theme this year. I have four new plushies of Naruto, Allen Walker, Jiraiya, and Kyuubi Naruto. Kyu-chan is my favorite right now. Wish I got to do more, but they didn't have Vic or Crispin there, plus SEKI!!!!

I need to start studying for the Japanese test more. Next week I have to start fresh, just like going back all week to the gym. (One of the guys who works out there was asking me where I was at today at work-told him my schedule for the past week or so has suck. Midshifts and closing really does hamper all thoughts of getting to the gym after being stuck inside all day.

Also, anyone know when or if there will be anymore D.Gray-man episodes after 103?

May. 5th, 2009

The week has only started and I feel that it has already passed me by....

The weekend felt like Christmas at Sam's(first of the month and EBT), people were crabby and now we have this crazy thing like they used to do in the old days if you didn't say the members name correctly-they take a dollar. Now, it seems if you don't ask every primary member about the plus membership($100 membership~prorated depends when they purchased it) and the member takes your candy...you get a white slip. Marketing, you have to love them because they get to go out on the field to ask for memberships, but Plus is a whole different thing for them. I never see them out asking the member to upgrade their membership when they are in the club. At first, it was L-slips; (wasting paper), now it's candy-can't wait to see what they think of next week....

Monday I had to take my brother to the hospital. I went to work that morning for an hour-felt like the day was repeating so I asked to make a phone call. I left work and took my brother to Frye. He's alright and there was no surgery involved-just me paying $50 to get him a scan. He passed a kidney stone which was a lot better than what we thought he might had.

Today was awesome! Hope tomorrow is as well~

Apr. 22nd, 2009

Naruto Shippuden Kizuna is out, subs should be out  sometime soon. Loved it!!!!

The cracked glass from yesterday has become a huge problem. Instead of them taking a section like they were planning, the whole windshield will be replaced on Friday. I'm just hoping it doesn't decide to break anytime soon.....

a crack in the glass....

While crossing the bridge to get home from work this afternoon a truck hit a rock into my window. I was on the phone forever trying to get someone out to change the glass while I'm at work this week. What a drag....


ready for the weekend

I am so sore. After working out today, we decided to do some laps in the pool; then headed to the hot tub to relax. We are always in there over the ten minutes rule-yesterday an hour,  today almost an hour. Time passes differently when you are relaxing then when you are doing cardio. 

I'm debating on watching the Dragonball Evolution movie Friday...I want to see it because I'm a fan, but I'm scared to see it because I know they ruined it. Why couldn't Micheal Bay be a part in making it.

Fast & Furious~was awesome!!!! I don't know anyone who watched it Friday who hated it well maybe Kurt, but he hates everything that seems to be really popular. 

Anyone who is going to AZ this year if you are going to see Seki-sama you better make sure you plan around his panel since he is only there on Friday.

Just two more days to work and I have a three day weekend. If it is raining on Saturday I'm putting my trip off until the following Sat. (hopefully Dee didn't forget to change the days back to how I had them scheduled).

Kathy-chan tanjoubi omedetto!!!! I know it's early demo I don't know when I will be back on here. Let me know what you want for the big day. My schedule is up in the air for the following week so it will be posted once it is fixed.
So far today has been great for me~ except I could do with a little bit more sleep, but I will see what happens.

My nii-chan is awesome...I got a free breakfast at IHOP, then for lunch he treated me to subway. (He knew if he took me to get my car inspected, and do all my running for me this morning...er this afternoon I would eventually agree to what I will be working on today and if the rain holds off-tomorrow). I agreed to buil a 10 x 10 building-went to Lowes Hardware to get Plywood; which was not a problem lifting since I lift way more heavier objects at work because they threaten to write us up if nothing is transferred(like I really care now more than I did when I was told that piece of information).

Went to Wal-Mart this morning to get a few things and see if D.gray-man would be there a little bit cheaper, but it wasn't and found the next volumes of Naruto Shippuuden manga and Bleach. Then we headed to Best Buy where I couldn't find it on the shelves and had to get the clerk to go back and get me a copy since it was just received. It's only the first 13 episodes out of 103 (I hope it gets a second series b/c there is so much that is still going on in the manga).

I'm thinking about heading to the Y later this evening with Brandy, but it all depends on how much we get done on the building.

I stayed up too late this morning reading a Naruto fanfic which was WOW. I couldn't finish it since I had to get up early to start with everything.

Hey Kathy-chan are you still interested in going to Japan-either spring or fall is the best time. Did you want to go next year or this year?  I know Barbara is still interested. Your birthday is approaching soon...you have anything you want that you haven't got yourself yet?

Happy Birthday erisabesu

Newest Naruto Chapter~Awesome

Father and son moments....priceless.

watashi ni ochido ga arimasu

That is the saying I'll be sticking with for a long time. I'm always training someone at work so this will be like my get out of jail quote. I had another one, but it could mean something that would have heads turning twice.

Sam's had company today, Charles, Craig, Susie, Vickey (there was some other 'important' people there, but I didn't care to know about them) well they were coming around asking questions saying we are here to give you the tools to do your job and asking if we are getting the help of our COS and others to do our job- I guess they got what they wanted from the cashiers because I wasn't asked anything else after that. Vickey left me alone after I told her I went to Ashville yesterday for the credit class.

Craig and Charles  actually grilled steaks outside in the rain for us. They also provided salads, baked potatoes, and different kinds of cakes and pies. It was for our safety (I don't remember how many days we have to get a dinner, but it usually only happens once a year when we get our Sam Share for the steaks.

I loved reading the end of the lastest Naruto Manga~Minato you are so awesome!!!!! Now I can't wait for next week!!!! I still have hope that maybe somewhere that Kushina is alive and just waiting in the shadows to come and rescue her baby boy. But I think that she died while giving birth to Naruto or that something else happened to make her not be with Naruto.


Work related rambles~

I'm not enjoying the 6 to 7 days straight workweek~ well I have had worst so maybe it will not be like this for the entire month of March.  As for work they are doing down grades and moving departments for many; as of right now there hasn't been any job loss- but it could happen later on.

Our club no longer has Member Champions(those were Susie and JoAnn, the job was a waste of payroll anyways) both of them were dropped three levels and made cashiers. I'm just thankful to have a job so I'm just trying to keep my numbers up and do what they ask of me.

Finally got to talk to my General manager about something that happened a week ago at work dealing with Pam. Tyra said she would take care of it, but who knows if it will be or not.

Thursday I'm going to be in Ashville all day for work. Credit meeting -the joy of role playing in front of a group of credit pushers. I don't know if I would rather be stuck on a register trying to push credit on someone who doesn't need it or be there....

Barbara if that book comes in this week give me a call I really want to read it!!!!