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Okay this might be my last post....

Hope the subject doesn't throw anyone off-no I'm not giving up LJ, but I am drving to Atlanta so who knows what will happen.

Work has been a pain these last few weeks. The warden and her rules keep digging my grave. I'm thrilled that I'm going to third on Sunday~ I can't wait because I don't have to associate with her for a month.
Yesterday, she was trying to force me to tell her who was using their personal time attacthed to their regural earnings. She said she was going to make me tell who was doing it. I just told her I know I can't do it, but if you really want those who did it to get into trouble and fired go and reserach it yourself.  We could do it last year, but this year we can't? It's our personal hours/vacation hours-we want to use them we can. But the company thinks that as stealing. You are adding more time to your week then you are allowed. Okay, I understand this, but then why want she give me the two days I asked for and tells me I can't use them. I put it in the system far in advance-it's not my fault she can't scedule people for that shift. I worked my six days straight, I'm leaving for Atanta in the morning I needed time to wash clothes and pack. (Which I should be doing now!)  I think she does it because she can, then she told me that I had the best attitude about it even though I complained. When Dee got to work and after I had lunch I worked for about thirty minutes and she let me go home since she knew that Pam took my hours from me. We were not that busy and Pam had the nerve to say that she needed me. (Yeah she needed me...needed me to sell those stupid memberships for her). 

AWA-It has been a long time since I've been to that convention, but Vic-sama will be there and that is all the reason for me to go.  We are comimg back on Sunday evening ( I have to be at work at 9 pm. I did tell them I might be late) .

Hope to see everyone when we get back! Pray that my driving skills get better!


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Sep. 17th, 2009 04:50 am (UTC)
Actually your driving will fit in with the other people from Atlanta, ^_^ You aren't able to go with everyone else? That sucks.
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