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After work tonight, I found myself and others searching for a cat that some stupid retard threw out of their car in our parking lot. Whoever it was had the cops called on them (carts wrote down their tag #). Susan in center section was searching for the sick cat after we closed and we heard it meow, but couldn't find it. I don't know if the neko-chan will last in another day like today without food and water. Susan hopes that the cat will try to come out tonight to drink some water she left under the table.

Pam closed..I thought it would be after ten when we got out. Not at all since Greg was closing manager and he was like make the closing annoucement fifteen mintues before we close because I have places to be. I had to ask Pam if she was sick...she never does that! Last night I was told she didn't make the closing call until it was almost nine-and we closed at  8:30. We haven't been busy much this week-tomorrow might be different with it being Father's Day though.

~ Going back to school is going to be put on hold. Work has declared that if you are full-time wishing to go back to school or wanting a certain day off during the week/weekend you will be dropped to part-time status.  Can't live off of that when I'm the one making the money in the family.  There are a lot of angry employees right now trying to petition the decision. I'm going to wait until Jan. anyways to figure out if I want to continue to stay working there or try H&R Block at that time to do taxes.  I hope that they find a way to work around this since they do love to play favorites with those who are kissing ass each and every minute they are in the club.